The typical cavity is 50mm (2 inches) wide and 50mm of insulation will reduce the heat loss through the wall by around 75%. As 35 per cent of the total heat lost from a house is through the walls that gives an overall saving of 28 per cent.

If your house is less than 10 years old, the cavities are probably insulated already.


What does cavity wall insulation involve


It is a quick job, taking around 2 hours to fill an average house. Complete Home Energy Solutions will drill a series of holes in the walls of your house, and blow insulation into the cavity through a hose. Once done, we will fill the holes again – make sure they colour match the mortar. You may be asked to take down pictures that are hanging on inside walls just for safety.


Why Complete Home Energy Solutions


Complete Home Energy Solutions is a member of the National

Insulation Association, Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)

and the British Board of Agrement. Complete Home Energy

Solutions offer a 25 year guarantee backed by CIGA, Complete

Home Energy Solutions is signed up to a code of professional



In 99% of instances Complete Home Energy Solutions can

install your insulation absolutely FREE of charge.

Saving Energy BBA Approved Installer Cavity Wall Insulation

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