Designed for the UK

Dimplex A-Class is a Heat Pump designed specifically to meet the needs

of the UK. Developed from the ground up, the Dimplex A-Class is

engineered to deliver optimal performance at typical UK winter

temperatures (-2°C to 10°C). In fact, it is fully operational at

temperatures as low as -15°C, ensuring full compliance with MIS 3005

design requirements.


Innovative Technology

Designed from the “ground up” A-Class boasts a host innovative

technologies and clever design features to maximise its performance and efficiency. The “accumulation of marginal gains” achieved by optimising every possible area delivers higher outputs and temperatures coupled with improved seasonal efficiency and reduced running costs.


Copeland Scroll™ compressor technology

Considered superior to the rotary compressors used by our competitors, this innovative technology typically has a longer design life than rotary or piston compressors. Plus, it's optimised for heating performance and efficiency in European climatic conditions, boasting excellent performance at low air temperatures.


Variable speed inverter drive

The variable speed inverter drive modulates output to match heating demand. This allows the heat pump to run more efficiently as building heat load reduces (that is, when air temperatures are higher), so improving overall seasonal efficiency. And the more efficient the system, the lower the running costs and environmental impact.


Enhanced Vapour Injection technology

This market-leading technology extends the operating envelope and increases the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. This means that Dimplex A-Class can deliver higher temperatures (up to 65°C), higher capacities and higher CoP – even at low ambient air temperatures. Since less energy is needed to achieve a higher performance, this improves the overall system efficiency.


Variable speed fan

A variable speed controller on the fan allows it to run at the optimal level to maximise heat pump efficiency. Extensive testing has been completed in the climate chamber to establish the optimal balance between air flows to achieve good evaporator performance whilst minimising fan speed to reduce power consumption.


Asymetric heat exchanger

The innovative asymmetric plate design technology has asymmetric channel configuration which smartly combines maximum heat transfer on the refrigerant side with minimum pressure drop on the water side. The result means that the heat pump can achieve better performance compared to a standard condenser whilst also reducing pump power.


Intelligent heat recovery

By positioning electronics and the compressor in the base of the heat pump, waste heat is used to keep the drip tray free of ice, meaning no requirement for supplementary drip tray heaters. The refrigeration cycle also removes heat from the inverter electronics which again increases efficiency whereas standard units would expel this heat to the atmosphere.

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