Investing for your long term future


Implementing a renewable energy programme in your home can be a worthwhile investment over the long-term. Not only can it save you money in heating costs but it can also add value to the price of your home. The rising cost of energy is a major concern for most in the UK and renewable energy is a means of addressing it.


At Complete Home Energy Solutions, our expertise and experience helps us to offer you only the most appropriate solution for your renewable energy needs.


Who is renewable energy best suited for?


The majority of homeowners across the UK can

benefit from implementing a renewable energy

initiative at home. With the cost of fuel rising, any

opportunity to reduce your energy consumption

is welcome by most of us.


For those who are looking at installing solar PV

panel technology, you need to consider a few

factors such as if your home is south-facing and

if you have adequate space on your roof or in your

garden for installation. If solar PV panels aren’t for

you, we will still be able to reduce your energy bills

through other options.

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