Lower your energy bills with Complete Home Energy Solutions


With the rising cost of energy, we all want to find ways to lower our energy bills. At Complete Home Energy Solutions, we have a range of services; expertise and experience that will help you match the most appropriate solution to your needs.


Solar PV (Photo Voltaic), most commonly known for its solar panel technology, are an ideal option for homeowners with south-facing homes who want to reduce their energy bills now and in the future.

Complete Home Energy Solutions offer customers only the best quality solar PV panels, inverters and monitoring systems.


Installing a panel with quality also doesn’t have to break the bank, so Complete Home Energy Solutions is pleased to offer a range of panels that can accommodate a variety of budgets.

The inverters and monitoring systems we install also are top quality and will work with the solar PV panels to ensure you are achieving maximum efficiency.


Is Solar PV suitable for you?


The majority of homeowners across the UK can benefit from implementing a renewable energy initiative at home.

When considering solar PV, you should ask yourself 2 main questions:

1.  What orientation is my roof? (south, west and east are ok)

2.  Do I have enough space on my roof for the panels?


If you answered yes to both of the above, good news – solar PV is definitely for you. If you aren’t sure about the above or if solar panels aren't right for your home, CHES will help you find the best renewable energy option to reduce your energy bills through “green” technologies.


All of our products are installed and maintained by our certified and registered team of professionals. Customers also have peace of mind as all our products come with a performance warranty.

Since our team is fully certified in providing renewable energy products to you, we will help you maximise your ability to get a government INCENTIVE through the Feed In Tariff programme.

Solar Panels How Solar PV Works

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