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Introduction to solar heat and hot water

Solar water heating (known as solar thermal) systems capture the free heat from the sun and use it to heat up water for use in the home. It’s a simple process:

•  Panels on your roof absorb heat from the sun – they are known as the collector

•  The water in the panels heats up

•  This hot water is pumped through a coil in your cylinder

•  Which transfers the heat to the water in the cylinder


Is solar thermal suitable for my home?

The ideal situation for solar panels is facing due south, although they are effective facing anywhere between south east and south west. As a rule of thumb you need 1 m2 of collector (solar panels) per person living in the house.


Most panels are mounted on a roof, but they can also be mounted at ground level. It is important that they get direct sunlight. To get the best results they should be at an angle between 20 and 50 degrees from horizontal (most pitched roofs fall within this bracket).


How much hot water from solar thermal panels?








Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The domestic renewable heat incentive is a boiler replacement scheme, aiming to bridge the gap between the cost of a replacement oil or LPG boiler and the cost of a renewable heating system. Solar thermal panels are an eligible heating system.


The rate is 19.2p per kWh index-linked and paid quarterly in arrears for seven years.

To apply you will must have a green deal assessment (unless you are a self builder, in which case an EPC is required), and install loft and cavity wall insulation if it gets a green tick on the green deal advice report.


A typical 4 square metre installation with a 250 litre cylinder will get £2,347 over the 7 year life of the incentive according to figures from the Solar Trade Association (£335 a year). This calculation is based on the new MCS standard.


RHI for solar thermal can be claimed in conjunction with RHI for either a heat pump or a biomass boiler. This is because neither works at their highest efficiency when heating domestic hot water - especially when space heating is turned off. Those installing both technologies will be paid the full deemed heat - in effect being paid twice for the solar heated water.

Solar thermal panels should provide most of your hot water from April to September, and make a worthwhile contribution in the months on either side of that period. Solar Thermal will provide about 60 per cent of a household's hot water needs annually.

Solar Thermal Panels
Renewable Energy Solar Thermal Panels

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