Underfloor heating provides a much more comfortable environment as the heat surrounds you leaving no cold spots unlike a radiator system where the heat rises leaving your ceiling the warmest part of the room.


Underfloor heating is controlled by a thermostat in

each room enabling each room to be set to your desired temperature. Underfloor heating systems have no joints in the floor unlike a radiator system

which has joints for each radiator all the pipes and cables return to the manifold allowing easy  maintenance as all connections are located in one place.


If you are thinking of investing in an Underfloor Heating System and want to select a provider that is committed to delivering on their promise, Complete Home Energy Solutions is the right choice for you. Our dedicated team of professionals are ready to begin working with you to satisfy your needs.

Underfloor Heating Underfloor Heating

An average underfloor heating system costs anywhere between 15% - 40% less than a conventional radiator system to run. Underfloor heating enables you to design your room using all the room space without having to work around unsightly radiators.

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